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                                About Us

MicroSwift CCTV specializes in design, installation, testing & commissioning of professional CCTV & IP camera surveillance system for industrial, commercial & residential users. Established in 2003, MicroSwift is a recognized full solution provider in the surveillance industry. We are committed to provide our customers with CCTV & IP camera solutions that are effective, reliable and affordable. We have more than 10 years of experience & skill in providing surveillance solutions for all kinds of requirements. Our customers are from various industry & trade such as retail, banking, medical, educational, manufacturing, logistic & warehousing, chemical, ship building, government sector, residential, etc. For a list of our recent customers, please click here.

At MicroSwift, we strive to provide our customers with a hassle free experience of planning & installing a CCTV or IP system. Our customers will only need to have one point of contact when it comes to any enquires or after-sales services. To ensure quality and consistent workmanship, all our projects are handled by our in-house installation team who possess much experience and technical know-how. We keep a high stock quantity for common products so that we can response promptly to customer's requirements. Our products are assembled and serviced locally to cut down on waiting time when any repair is required. At MicroSwift, you can be sure that we are always finding ways and methods to streamline our operations and to serve you better!



Why Install CCTV?
Statistics shows that there is major reductions in the amount of undesired activities where CCTV cameras are installed and this is why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection. For corporate users, CCTV system helps to protect valuable goods and properties against thief, abuse & damage. Video recordings can be use as important evidences when required. For home users, remote live viewing allows them to monitor their houses when they are away or oversea, and also to check that their loved ones are safe at home.


Types of Surveillance System

Analog System
Conventional CCTV system that is most commonly found. Video signal is transmitted using coaxial cables or twist pair cables. Analog cameras are relatively low in resolution with actual pixel count not exceeding 704x576. The recorder for analog CCTV system is commonly known as the DVR.

HD-SDI System
HD-SDI is a relatively new format that was introduced to transmit HD video signal over coaxial cables. Maximum video resolution is 1080p (1920x1080). HD-SDI is a good retro-fit solution for people who wants to re-use existing coaxial cables from analog system.

HD IP System
A fully digital solution where digital video are transmitted on a IP network. Due to the nature of the transmission, extremely high quality interference-free video can be achieved at the Recorder - also known as the NVR. Common resolution for IP cameras are 1.3MP (1280x720), 2MP (1920x1080) & 3MP (2048x1536). 

Typical Small Scale CCTV System

  • A typical CCTV System consists of the following components: Recorder, Cameras & Microphones (optional)
  • The Recorder (DVR/NVR) is the most important component of the system, all devices such as cameras and microphones are connected to the Recorder. Video/audio are stored into a hard disk drive inside the DVR/NVR. Recordings can be continuous, scheduled or activated on motion or event.
  • Remote access is an important function of the CCTV system. User can perform a remote login to view live or playback the recorded videos. The remote login app/program is available on a variety of mobile and desktop OS. 

    Large Scale Surveillance Solution


  • A large scale CCTV system, also know as HD-DSS (High Definition Distributed Surveillance System) is a network based hybrid CCTV solution comprising of any combination HD-SDI Cameras, HD IP Cameras and Conventional Analog Cameras.
  • HD-DSS is a highly scalable solution, cameras can be easily added or removed when required. User can freely integrate any combination of HD-SDI cameras, analog cameras and HD IP cameras. The entire HD-DSS system is controlled by a powerful central management software (iVMS) that can handle up to thousands of cameras in a single user interface. 

    Click here for more information on HD-DSS.and iVMS central management software.

Planning a CCTV system


It is important that careful planning and consideration are done before fixing up a CCTV system. The followings are some useful information for planning a CCTV system.


  • The DVR/NVR is the brain of the system, all signal cables will be connected to the DVR/NVR. Locate your Recorder at a place where the cables can be neatly covered or concealed, ensure that at least one power socket is available at the area. For remote access function, the Recorder must also be connected to your internet Modem/Router via a network cable. Locate the Recorder near to the modem/router if possible. 
  • Some Recorder (especially PC-based system) requires a display screen to perform configuration and maintenance work, make sure that enough space is allocation for the display screen when planning the system. For best image quality, use high quality VGA or HDMI cable to connect the Recorder to display screen.
  • It is important that adequate ventilation is provide for the Recorder, insufficent cooling will result in premature failure of internal component especially the Hard Disk Drive. Never place the CCTV Recorder in an enclosed cabinet. If possible, locate the Recorder in air-conditioned environment such as a server room. Do not place object on top or in any way that will block the ventilation holes or louvers. 


  • When choosing your camera, consider the following factors: angle of view, night viewing capablity, indoor or outdoor use, location of camera.
  • The position of the camera is an important factor that affects the effectiveness of the CCTV system. Cameras located at high position give a better overall view but might be ineffective in capturing human faces due to the steep viewing angle. Cameras positioned too low are prone to vandalism. Wide-angle cameras give a good overview but compromise on image details, narrow-angle cameras give good image details/depth and are suitable for long corridors. For outdoor use, weatherproof cameras are required. Surge protection devices might be required if the area is prone to voltage surge or lightning surge. IR cameras are more effective for short distant & enclosed area (typically less than 20-30m), IR cameras are not very effective for viewing vast outdoor area at night. If surveillance of outdoor area at night is important, use good quality Day&Night camera which has low lux rating and install additional lightings at area of importance. Finally, never position a camera to view directly onto a light source.
  • For a comparison between the different types of camera, visit our product page

Who are our customers?


  • Corporate users from various industries
  • Government bodies such as educational institutes, ministries, etc.
  • Retail shops and malls
  • Residential owners of HDB flats, condominiums & landed houses

For a list of our recent customers, please see Our Customers page.



Please click here for more information on our products or contact us now for your enquiries. We would be glad to assist you in planning your desired CCTV system. You can also visit our office for a no-obligation demo of our CCTV system.



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